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Privacy Policy of Hanil Science Industry Corp.


Hanil Science Industry Corp.(hereafter called, ‘corporation’) treats customers’ personal information importantly and observes Articles of“the law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information”. Corporation announces why and how customers’ personal information is used and what measures are taken to protect personal informationthrough Privacy Policy.

This corporation will announce its Privacy Policy on website(www.ihanil.com)) if it is amended.

Privacy Policy includes following contents.

Article 1(purpose of processing personal information
this corporation processes personal information for product delivery, AS delivery, and customer consulting. Processed personal information is not used for other purpose. In case the purpose is changed, necessary measures will be taken such as additional agreement according to Article 18 of Personal Information Protection Law.

Article 2(period of processing and retaining personal information)
this corporation processes and retains personal information during the period of retaining and using personal information according to the law or if collecting the personal information is agreed.

Article 3(providing personal information to the third party)
this corporation processes personal information of information objects only inside of scope described by Article 1(purpose of processing personal information). It also provides personal information only if agreement of information objects and special regulation of law like to Article 17 of Personal Information Protection Law are applied.

Article 4(consignment of processing personal information)
Items about consignment of processing personal information are not described at the present.

Article 5(right & obligation of information object and ways to exercise) (1) Information object can exercise right wheneverto this corporation about protecting personal information of each following numbers.
① Request to read personal information
② Request to be corrected in case of error
③ Request to be deleted
④ Request to stop being processed
(2) Letter, phone, email, and FAX can be used to exercise the right of Article 1 and our corporation will take measures without any delay.
(3) In case that any information object requests correction or deletion of personal information error, this corporation will not use or provide the personal information until correction or deletion is completed.
(4) Exercise of right according to Article 1 is possible by agents, such as legal representatives or trustees of information objects. In this case, they should submit power of attorney in accordance with the 11thformulaenclosed in enforcement regulation of Personal Information Protection Law.
(5) Information objects should not violate relative laws like Personal Information Protection Law and infringetheir own or other’s processed personal information and privacy.

Article 6 (destruction of personal information) (1) Procedure of destruction
- Information customers provide is destroyed at the completion of the purpose after it is saved for some period depending on reasons of information protection by internal policy and other related Act.
(2) Way to destroy
- Personal information printed on paper should be destroyed by shredder and incinerated.
- Personal information saved as electronic file form(DB) should be deleted by using techniques which can make saved personal information unrecoverable.

Article 7(Notification of Policy Change) This Privacy Policy provides open and easy accessibility to any customers whenever they want.
In case of addition or deletion and correction of contents according to change of policy or law and security technology, the reasons and contents will be announced on homepage before exercising new Privacy Policy. As Privacy Policy can be change at any time, make sure to check it whenever you visit our website...

This Privacy Policy is enacted since 00month 00 day, 0000 year.